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A little about me...

In 1994, I qualified  as a Beauty Therapist and Fitness Instructor having trained full time for 3 years at Leicester ( Southfields ) College and have continually worked within the health and fitness environment.

In 2002 I established B Beautiful and became self employed working as a Beauty and massage therapist.

In 2009, the business moved location to a physiotherapy practice on Welford Road in Knighton, Leicester. This proved to be successful and the needs of the clientele changed. To meet the demands of post physio patients, training in Sports Massage, Hot and Cold temperature therapies were added to the B Beautiful portfolio which further improved the versatility of massage techniques available.

In 2013, I received 9 months of intensive cancer treatment. I worked around my chemo cycles but found the treatment left me exhausted on all levels. Complimentary therapies were suggested to help me recover post treatment . Having received personal benefits from Reiki, I decided to learn this ancient Japanese technique and offer this complimentary therapy to clients. 

With Reiki proving to be very successful, training in the ancient techniques of Indian Head Massage and crystal healing followed.  

 Now working a lot on people with chronic long term conditions, people with weakened immune system and  those suffering with pain,  stress, anxiety or  depression,  I started to train in the ancient Chinese Health Art of Tai Chi. Starting with Medical Qigong.

Currently qualified at level 3 advanced session leader in Qigong.. I am continuing my training and will do so for the foreseeable future.

My Tai chi training is advancing as we speak with me now offering  

Qigong Shibashi set 1

Qigong Shibashi set 2  

Chinese Fan form

Lee family style 50 step form

Daily Tai chi exercises

Six step Qigong 

Body Allignment (posture)

Adapted Seated rehabiliatation 

Acupressure Qigong

Acupressure Diploma 

Teacher Training and currently doing my assessor training 

In March 2021, B Beautiful became B Beautiful Well- Being putting all aspects of my training under an Umbrella name with the emphasis of the importance of 'well-being' for each client or attendee that is looked after by me.

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