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Massage Therapies

I offer a broad range of massage techniques which enable me to provide a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. This may include a mixture of different massage methods incorporating where appropriate, the use of a Lava shell ( heat )

Sports Massage

Ideal for men and women, whether they play sport or not. At some point in life most people have an injury or niggle that will not go away without treatment.

A physical job, demanding home life or regular exercise can put strain on your body. Sports massage can help reduce the likelihood of injury by nipping any niggles in the bud from muscular aches and pains to restricted movement/stiffness, tension and headaches, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injury, tennis and golfers elbow, ankle and knee problems.

For those into competitive sport,a pre or post event massage as well regular maintenance massage has benefits of reducing the likelihood of injury therefore enhancing your performance.

The price for relaxation or sports massage is based on the length of time. You can discuss with Caroline to assess how long a treatment time you will need.

30 min

45 min

60 min

75 min

90 min 






This unique massage is eco friendly using naturally self heating tiger clam shells alongside traditional hand massage. They generate prolonged heat and can be used for relaxation or within a sports massage.

For a relaxing massage, working with continual heat and a lighter touch, promotes a deep sense of well being by relaxing muscle tissue and warming the body.

For use use within sports massage, using a deeper pressure, the heat from the Lava Shells helps to break down tension faster by being able to work deeper into the muscle tissue therefore reducing aches, muscle pain and stiffness. Cold may also be used with sports massage as the differing degrees assist accelerated healing and aids mobility.

An addition of £5.00 per shell activated is added to the massage prices above

Indian Head Massage
This ancient Indian head massage is a complimentary therapy derived from the Ayurvedic 'well being' tradition focusing on the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. It is great for relaxation, relieving the feeling of stress, tension and anxiety.
It can improve sleep pattern, relieve the pain of headaches, migraine and sinusitis, boost energy levels and increase the general feeling of well-being.
35 - 40 min £42.00

For more information or to book a session, please contact Caroline on 07754 256116. 

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