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Anti Ageing Treatments


In affiliation with Sea magik 

Sea Magik Skin care 

Sea magik products are made from skin friendly formulas, blending natural de-ionised water (harmonised water) with pure dead sea minerals, organic plant extracts, allergen free fragrance and no parabens, genetically modified organisms (GMO's) or animal ingredients. They also contain VMS complex-vitamin E (an anti oxidant) and B5 to help repair damaged skin

The Dead Sea is rich in 21 essential minerals. Sea Magik mineral treatments utilise the natural powers of mud, salt and seaweed to tone and firm the face and body, ease muscle tension and deeply relax the mind.

 Sea magik Pro Crystallage Facial 60 min

Using Sea magik Pro Crystallage range to cleanse and exfoliate, a relaxing massage for the face and neck is followed by either a collagen sheet mask for extra anti ageing or a sea magik Magnesium enriched mask to reduce puffiness and rebalance mineral levels. A hyaluronic-infused serum followed by kelp creme  finishes the treatment leaving your skin brighter, deeply hydrated and rejuvenated and is suitable for all skin types.

60 min    £50.00

Sea Magik Pro Crystallage Pro Ageing Sensory Facial 80 min

Using the same products as the facial above, this multi sensory experience of using light, sound, aroma and touch by using the healing powers of Amethyst crystals and powerful marine extracts.

The skin is cleansed, buffed and gently massaged with skin energising Gua Sha stones to help sculpt the facial contours. Followed by a mask, hyaluronic serum and kelp creme.

to finish leaving your skin brightened and hydrated and you feeling rejuvenated and deeply relaxed. Suitable for all skin types.

80 min  £68.00 

Crystal Clear Chopstick Facial 60 min

The Chopstick facial from Crystal Clear is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 27% and firm the skin by 45% after 8 weeks of daily use and is also available for you to use at home.

The wands are powered by sonic vibrations and is rolled all over the face to lift and firm the muscles while dispensing hyaluronic serum from the roller ball head onto the skin to offer instant hydration. The serum acts like a magnet to the skin providing an instant burst of hydration and moisture- binding power. It infuses moisture while plumping the appearance of lines and wrinkles from the inside out, allowing a fresher, dewier skin to emerge!

Using products from crystal clear to cleanse, buff, mask and brighten the skin, the wands are part of this facial routine.

60 min   £55.00

Non Surgical Face Lift 

Anti-Ageing Non Surgical Facelift

A non invasive anti-ageing treatment that helps to turn back time. Using relaxing micro-currant pulses to lift and tone facial muscles therefore improving the contours of the face and neck, refining skin texture, whilst reducing fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness leaving your skin radiant and rejuvenated, a treatment includes the use of anti-ageing products, including collagen which is lost during the ageing process.

A tailor made course of treatments will be advised to suit your individual needs. Most people see a visible result and achieve a lift after just one treatment but a course will achieve best results with a maintainance treatment every 3 to 4 weeks .

 A 'one off' refresh and lift treatment can be booked for a special occasion 

Ask for a trial today.

Full Face and Neck

45 min    £45.00

         Course of 10 x 45 min  £405.00

60 min   £50.00

         Course of 10 x 60 min   £450.00

Top up treatments available as well as 'one off' treatments for a special occasion.




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