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Tai Chi Attendee Information

To attend Tai Chi sessions with Caroline @ B Beautiful Well-Being, please spend a few minutes filling out the information below so that in case of emergency, your information can be accessed and help can be offered if you are not able to help yourself at the time. 

The information you provide will only be used in case of emergency (ICE).

Please advise if any circumstances change health wise so your information can be kept up to date.

Anything with a * next to it will need to be filled out for the form to submit.

Any problems filling it out, please contact Caroline. These forms are also available to fill out before your first session in person. Please come early enough to fill this out before your session starts. 

Emergency Contact Form



Do you have any medical conditions? for example

Please let Caroline know if there are any changes in your health or medication so this information can be kept up to date

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll contact this person only in case of emergency.

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