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​Online sessions using Zoom

The treatments/workshops are designed as a ‘follow me’ live session in which I have carefully thought through how to deliver each treatment so you can be as safe and comfortable as possible.

Using Zoom, you do not need the Zoom app, just internet. The link will be sent via email beforehand.

I will tell you in advance any props you may need eg; pillow/towel/ blanket or oil to have ready and whether you need to be able to sit or lay down. If for any reason you cannot make the live session, I can send a video of the session to you via a link (by email) in which you can do the session at a time more convenient to you.

You can choose to be part of a group which is the cheapest option or a one to one (private) session. If you book private sessions regularly (at least 1 a month) you will receive a discount.

To book and pay for any of these sessions please contact Caroline by text / phone on 07754 256116 I aim to respond within 24 hrs.

Please pay at the time you book to ensure there are enough attendees for group sessions to run. Some sessions you will be asked for payment sooner so that items can be posted to you. Payments can be by Bank Transfer (ask for details), use the payment page on my website or Cash in person if you see me before the session

Follow me Acupressure Qigong

Based on Traditional Chinese medicine, Using an ancient technique, 'Follow me' through a sequence of moves working head to toe to help re address the balance of Qi ( energy ) in the body. By placing, pressing, tapping or rubbing certain areas of the body we work over or around acupoints that connect to meridian lines which run like rivers around the body transporting Qi. This can assist the bodies healing mechanism by calming or stimulating areas as well as boosting your immune system and aiding blood and lymph flow.

This can help relieve tension, pain and aid relaxation.

Group session £15

One to one £40.00

One to one Regular booking £35.00



To book or for more information please contact   Caroline on 07754 2561116 

Online Indian Head Massage with a self-heating eye mask

60 min 

‘Follow me’ in a massage routine of pure relaxation. Massaging not just the head but the neck/collar bone/shoulders/upper back and face. This is followed by a self-heating eye mask and a guided meditation to wind down ready for sleep.

 This massage routine can help reduce pain associated with headaches, stress, sinuses, jaw, neck and shoulders  preparing you for a good nights sleep after this session. 

Prices below include the cost of an eye mask that will be posted out to you. 

You need to book and pay early enough for a mask to be posted to you. (allow 7 days) If you book after the time a mask can be sent to you, you can still join in for the massage routine.

Group session £20.00 inc eye mask

£15.00 without eye mask 

One to one £45.00

One to one Regular booking £40.00

Next Group session (Using a Gua sha massage stone)- 

16th May 2024 2024 

 To Book, contact Caroline on 07754 256116

Online Crystal Healing

For beginners and advanced 

From the comfort of your own home.

 For beginners...

A list of crystals needed will be sent to you along with websites or ideas where to source what you need. I can help source them for you (with a small fee)

You may already have some crystals but unsure what to do with them or how they can benefit you and your surroundings.

. You will be advised how to care for them and then follow me as I help you familiarise yourself with them and then I guide you through a relaxing treatment using them. 

Each Crystal has its own healing property but also represented by colour helps to balance the seven main chakras (energy wheels) in the body. The crystals are yours to keep for future use and further sessions can advance with the option to buy different crystals to use on yourself.

Group session £15.00   

One to One £45.00

One to One regular booking £40.00 


Next Group session 90 min

Beginners - TBA

Advanced - TBA

for beginners, please contact me asap to book your place and make sure there is time to source what you need ready for the session. 


You may already have a selection of crystals, please contact me to see if you already have what you need for each session.. If not I can advise you in advance what to buy and where to source good quality crystals from.


         For more information or to book, contact Caroline on 07754 256116 


Online ''Follow me' Facial

Follow me in a Facial routine including how to deep cleanse and exfoliate like a professional and then follow me in a relaxing facial massage routine, apply an Anti ageing mask, tone and moisturise.

Feel and look refreshed. Relax and rejuvenate the mind.

(You can use products you have at home or ask and I can advise what to buy online or post products to you)


Group session £21 (Mask provided and posted)

One to one £45.00 inc mask  

Next Group session 


7.30pm  60 min

To Book contact Caroline on 07754 256116 

Online Follow me Sports massage

For those who normally have sports massage for pain/stiffness or limited movement, you can follow me to try and relieve your symptoms. Massaging/stretching/pressing and releasing to help increase mobility and reduce pain if possible. This will be tailored to your individual needs so it is only available as a one to one treatment.

One to one 30 min £25.00

45 min £35.00

60 min £45.00

£5 discount for regular booking (within 4wks)

For more information or to book, contact Caroline on 07754 256116 

Distant Reiki (distant healing) / crystal healing

Reiki can be performed face to face or at the moment remotely. Reiki has no space or time so a connection can be made with a client whether they are in front of you or not. It is a more advanced healing technique.

I speak to you briefly on the phone at the start of your treatment to start a connection. We then disconnect the call and I start to work over my treatment couch as if you were on it (it helps me concentrate)

You, the client lays comfortably and warm (I advise in advance to get a blanket/pillow/candle burning/music) whatever makes you cosy and warm knowing you just lay, relax and let me work.

Reiki is used to help balance the energy (chakras) in the body helping the body to re harmonise. It can also help reduce pain. It is very relaxing to the point you may drift off into a light sleep.

You take what you need from all of the above treatments. They are all designed to recharge your internal battery.

One to one £40.00

One to one regular treatment £35.00

For more information or to book, contact Caroline on 07754 256116 

Online Tai Chi Qigong

Qigong meaning ‘energy work’ in Chinese, this form of Tai chi is for health and well- being to aid relaxation and create inner peace and calmness.

Group sessions are available online via live sessions or via a weekly recorded You tube video. At the moment these options are for ​attendees with some Tai chi experience.

For beginners, if there is enough interest, I will start to offer a beginner online session( please ask if you are interested)

Alternatively you can opt for a private live session online which will be more bespoke and adapted to your personal circumstances for example you may need to sit for the session or have health issues that need more interaction and feedback. This option can also work if you have some Tai chi experience and wish to expand your knowledge further or work on posture/stances that I can’t really offer in a group environment.

Group live sessions £10.00 couples £15.00

You tube video £10.00 (stays live for a week)

Private sessions £40.00 (£35 for a regular slot)




If you are interested in taking part as a group session but times/ dates don't work for you​ , get in touch and I will see what I can do 


For more information or to book, contact Caroline on     07754 256116 

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