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Covid Update 

Most of my work is with people who are vulnerable and have a weakened immune system I ask that you support me in being able to work with all of my clients and Tai Chi attendees as  safely as possible.


For treatments...

To protect YOU the customer, I will continue to wear a medical grade mask when I work in close contact during treatments. Please come at  your allocated treatment time and wait outside if you are early, we will keep rooms well ventilated and sanitize as before. This is to try and keep transmission of air born viruses as low as possible. 

As masks are no longer a requirement for you, please be mindful of attending if you think you may be contagious with anything. Making me aware as soon as possible means I am more likely to fill your slot. As I am self employed with no sick pay, I am grateful of you thinking of me and helping me stay working as much as possible. 



For Tai chi 

 Please be mindful of others before and after the session and please advise me asap if you think you may be contagious so we can assess whether you should attend or not. If you have pre paid, a video link will be sent to you as an alternative. 


Living with Covid and other illnesses is part of the NEW NORMAL. Working together means that everyone can enjoy treatments and Tai Chi sessions as part of their own Health and Well-Being




for more information or to book, contact Caroline on 07754 256116 or email

Stay safe and well 

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